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Below is some news coverage of work I co-wrote, wrote and/or produced.

YouTube cans Syria regime channels after Tomo investigation

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Al Jazeera



UK election 2015 neck and neck: Cameron, Miliband, Clegg, Sturgeon, Farage battle to break deadlock

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The Independent - The Taiwanese TV coverage of the UK general election is better than all of the British combined

The Daily Star - This Taiwanese animation of the General Election might be the best video of all time

The Mirror - In the contest for best coverage of the election, this Taiwanese animation wins all the prizes

Labour leadership debate: Jeremy Corbyn looks set to become new leader of British Labour

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This was used by the BBC on BBC Newsnight in September, 2015

The Mirror - Taiwanese news animators took on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour leadership race - and the results are hilarious

This interview topped an official YouTube list of the Most Memorable Videos of 2009. 

The Susan Boyle Interview

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All Media Scotland

Daily Record / West Lothian