An award-winning narrative crafter, top-rated game writer on Fiverr Pro, and experienced media producer, I leverage my background spanning animation, journalism, film, and games to shape captivating cross-platform stories that engage and move audiences.

My Services

Contact me for a quote on your next narrative project. As a top-rated game writing specialist on Fiverr Pro, I craft cinematic stories and interactive narratives that resonate emotionally and drive engagement. Drawing from my awards and years in media, animation, and games, I transform creative visions into immersive tapestries of words through a collaborative process. My focus is bringing your world to life.

My background

Born in Scotland, made in Taiwan. I've lived all over, from New Zealand to the Middle East, but no place has affected me more than my Scottish homeland and my second home: Taiwan. I worked as a journalist, pioneering YouTube and social video for national media before moving overseas. I worked at the senior level in comics, animation and video games and taught writing. Currently in Greater Glasgow with my wife and cat.

How I work

My best work is serendipitous. That's a fancy way of saying it's unplanned. It usually comes deep into a script I've already made plans for and elevates the story to another level. I do not plan my own work. But many clients understandably need at least an outline or a plan. I can provide that and stick to it. And if you're open to it, we can adjust as we go.