Welcome friend. I’m an Award-Winning Storyteller who has worked with animation studios and media companies to craft world-class satire, absorbing documentaries and compelling features that have been viewed by millions. I have scripted countless animations for web and television, spanning multiple genres. I’ve worked on animations featured in The BBC, Reuters, Discovery, The Guardian, MSN, Reuters, AOL and, more. 

My training and professional background as a British journalist plus the life overseas that followed impacted me and helped me to develop my strengths and voice as a storyteller. My early career saw me working as a multimedia journalist for three years in Scotland. This was followed by a two-year stint as a writer in the Middle East where I met my Taiwanese wife and moved with her to Taiwan in 2012. Since then I’ve worked in animation, gaming, and media.

Under my creative leadership, an animation team was able to make the fantasy animation series, Myth Stories - Animated Legends, on YouTube with no prior experience in the genre. The result was over 100 videos with 2.4 million views. As a lecturer, I've mentored many writers and taught even more. These individuals are from all backgrounds and countries. So, I am adept at providing constructive feedback and providing a path forward for revisions.

My shipped games include Sunblaze for Nintendo Switch and PC and Volcanoids. There are more than a dozen others in development scheduled for release on Nintendo, Playstation, PC, and other platforms. In 2019, I became part of Sony London Studio's freelance writers' pool. I'm also one of the few vetted Fiverr Pro sellers offering scriptwriting. Less than 1% achieve this

I’m proud to be one of the few vetted Fiverr Pro sellers offering their writing expertise in animation and games. With numerous awards and honors that support these credentials.